Monday, September 22, 2008

Calling in the big guns?.........

Still no word yet from USCIS in Vietnam. My liason said they told her they were too busy to talk this week and would get back to them next week....grrr...I hope so! I did the only other thing I could think of today and contacted my senators, congressmen, JCICS and Ethica to see if they could help me or offer advise. I am more expecting help from my local government officials; that they get things moving on the US side in Vietnam. They are the only big guns I have left, except for leaving a message with USCIS in see if they could help me with USCIS in Vietnam. I will probably contact the Dept of State in D.C. too. If I don't get any results this week, I'll be hitting the phones and email again next week. I may have a career in politics (from a person who hasn't voted in almost 20 years, but I am this year!) before this is over and probably a book too.


kidcuisine said...

Maybe no word is good news. Things go incredibly slowly over there. We have a referral for an older boy (6 yrs old), and it took forever. Stay positive. You'll get him.

Sandy said...

We were told the same thing LAST week :(
day 40 waiting for I-600 approval for SN 6 yr old